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Just listen to Liz and get ready to RUN

"I came to Liz for a funnel and not only made 6 figures and counting, I also built a sellable business instead of a job.

She's created multiple converting funnels for me that paid for themselves and MORE in their first launch and have been in profit ever since. 
Then she helped me build a solid client path to sell ALL my products with the Processes and Systems to maintain and improve the sales and marketing.
Just listen to Liz and get ready to RUN. Money loves speed and She builds 3 times faster than anyone in the industry with hard numbers behind her results.
Calling Liz was the best investment I've made in my business to date!” ~ Hima Reddy,

Hima Reddy, Trading Educator

Terrie Christine, Intuitive Coach

John B., Educator, Marketing Workshop Attendee

Cynthia Habib, Real Estate Investor and Coach, Marketing Workshop Attendee

Copy of PamAvatar500Working with Liz has been life changing!

I had been in a slump for several months when I hired her and she has given me the tools to create a focused dream, grow in confidence about who I am and what I can do and has always encouraged me to go higher and to celebrate myself. Liz also created a kick ass website for me that blows me away!

Thank you Liz for helping me move into and live out my dreams.” Pam Neubauer, OR

Tom Schaff, Top Sales Trainer

Frank Saltzburg, Insurance Educator

Mark Seidler“I am beyond thrilled with my decision to hire Liz Hester to be my dream building coach, to help me create both the personal and business life I want to live.

Liz brings to the table a unique combination of business, personal and intuitive background and skills. She has many years’ worth of technical background and skills as well as her own technical team supporting her to get whatever I need done.

In addition to her great background and skills, she has a very gifted intuition regarding both business and personal matters. She doesn’t hesitate to share her intuition when she perceives a best path to follow regarding any matter, and I implicitly trust her in these matters.

I give my highest recommendation to Liz for anyone looking to build their dream life.” Sincerely, Mark Siedler

Tony Romo w/ Liz

Brian Fanale w/ Liz

alan bradley“A 20 minute phone call with Liz saved me thousands of dollars in development, untold headaches, and hundreds of wasted hours. She has an uncanny ability to listen to what you are saying but helping you focus on what you really mean. If you are having trouble focusing or knowing what direction to take to grow your business, call Liz!”  -Allen Bradley, CEO, Omega Reports

Rob Fore w/ Liz

Dean Black w/ Liz

rob tepper“Before Liz joined us, we were committed but we didn’t have anyone on our team that had already had online success before.  Liz brought that dimension to the group, and she helped all of us to motivate each other.   If you have a chance to have Liz on your team, jump on it!”  Rob Tepper

About Me

Meet Liz 🙂

I’m drawing a Line in the Sand...Marketing Can Pay For Itself!


After exploding onto the internet in 2006 when I went from being a young, pregnant pastor and knowing nothing about the internet to $60,000 a month in 4 months...


Then losing it all 2 years later...


Then rebuilding again by helping small businesses and coaches reach their ideal clients and income goals...


I’ve finally had it!


I have increasing numbers of clients come to me after giving some Yahoo 5 figures to "build their website and funnel" and 6-12 months later they still have nothing but a huge hole in their pocket and broken website to show for it.




Marketing is a powerful force for good. It can pull together people who need each other...


and yet people are abusing their powers to strip coaches and consultants from their money and...
It’s time you know the truth...


Marketing can PAY FOR ITSELF and far MORE - even for the newbie!


‘They’ never told you that, did they?


To be fair, ‘They’ didn’t know either.


‘They’ are so focused on their little piece - the website, the social media, the emails, the webinar - that they missed the big picture.


Everyone knows you need a website to be taken seriously these days.

Everyone knows the money is in the relationship with the email list.

Everyone knows that webinars close high ticket sales the best...and

Everyone wants it all!


What everyone doesn’t know is that if you roll your marketing out in the right order it will not only pay for itself, it will feed your babies and build you a sustainable business....


But what’s the right order?


After working with coaches and speakers who were so gun shy from being hosed by marketers in the past that they were afraid to look me in the eye....


After talking them down off the ledge....


After helping them turn their businesses around in WEEKS and some in DAYS...


I’ve cracked the code!


And I’ll even share it with you....


The key is in SEQUENCE of when you Build and Roll Out the pieces!


And when you get it right,


Each phase ROIs quickly and pays for the next and more!


This means the difference between giving up and crawling back to the J O B and thriving


And we’ve all been there.


We’ve all failed. But some of us pick ourselves back up and use what we learn to help others...


Would it be okay if I shared with you a little bit of my story, my training and my background?


And I think that what it is going to do is give you hope.


People often say, "Liz, you know this so well, you are so professional and make it look so effortless!"


But I assure you it was not that easy, I had to work hard and that should absolutely give you hope.


I want to just affirm and celebrate and congratulate you on saying yes to your mission and never giving up and for really following your heart and helping people even when it got tough.


I know for myself when I landed on that thing that made my heart sing, that you just couldn’t get me to shut up about and there is just no other feeling like that is there?


In 2005 I was a youth pastor and a candidate for ordination in my church. My daughter came as a wonderful surprise and I told the church I was taking at least 10 years off to raise my daughter.


They said, how about 5 years? I said, I’ll see you in 10 😉 


I knew that I didn’t want strangers raising my daughter, so I got online to learn internet marketing and how to make money online.
4 months later and a lot of sweat, tears and very little sleep, I SOLD OUT my first information product in 36 HOURS and was an ‘overnight’ success.


While the success was great and I had offers to start speaking on stages, the whole point of all that work was to stay home and raise my daughter, so I stayed underground.


I had success,

I had epic failure and a divorce.

Through it all, I remained steadfast to my commitment to stay home and raise my daughter.


Once she was in school and I was over my divorce. I was ready for my comeback.


Small local businesses were hurting big time for not having an internet presence, so I turned to helping them.


And I was able to clean up their websites, help them get ranked and target their marketing.


I was so happy to be back into the internet and technology, but something was still missing.


My clients couldn’t target their marketing until I first helped them get clear on their vision and dreams.


So, I became a Certified Dream Coach and learned an all important question from my mentor, Mary Morrissey, along the way –

What Would I LOVE?!


Howard Thurman said, "Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that because what the world needs is more people who have come alive!"


And as much as I loved dream coaching, the thing that really made my heart expand was being involved in marketing, in helping others bring their message to the people who need them too,


And when I landed on that longing, I knew that that was it.


I knew that that’s where it all comes together – the Internet Geek and the Pastor.


Coaches, Consultants and Speakers all around me are trying to get online need both marketer and coach in one person!


Someone who understands transformation and internet and can translate between them.
Someone who knows how to build a viable coaching business and take it from offline to online using simple technology.


Someone who knows how to roll out the marketing so that it pays for itself each step of the way.


I started attending larger internet conferences again and I was blown away...


So many of the top experts kept saying things like,

"A sales funnel is simple, it’s just 7 pages!"


As if there was not a huge and insanely complicated infrastructure behind it!


"All you need is a webinar and you’ll be closing high ticket on autopilot."


As if a successful Coach knows how to put on a webinar, the emails that are needed to warm it up so people show up and buy and the mopup emails for the people who don’t.


As if you have 10 years to learn copywriting and 2 years to figure out the technology while you continue getting more clients to pay the bills.


You see?

It’s really not your fault!

You are an expert...and not at Internet Marketing!


PLUS, they never told you what order to roll things out so that it pays for itself along the way.


They didn’t tell me either and my coaches and I cracked the code.


It’s time to STOP feeding the black hole your marketing has become and

START making profits!


Yes it is possible and profitable to be online

Yes online systems let you leverage your time and reach more people

Yes there is a way to profitably bridge the gap to getting online


I am not promising it will be easy, but we’ll keep the first steps simple and you will be up and running and in profit and looking professional far faster than you thought possible.


So before you throw your laptop out the window...let us map out your marketing roll out for you for free!


It’s time you get your message out to all those waiting for your help...AND profit on the way!


Here’s My First Sales Pitch To You:

Go to my home page and read some of the articles on my site.


If you like them, sign up for some of my free trainings.


If they help you, click here to apply and we’ll give you your personal blueprint and help you with it if you so choose.


Pretty simple, right?


Thanks for reading this page and get to work!


To Your Success!

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