Does Your Business Card Automatically Put HOT Prospects On Your Calendar?

"Wow, Liz, I added it all up and I did $9000 in the first 7 days. It turned my whole business around and now I can move forward again. I can’t thank you enough."

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Growth chart

"What do you mean you won’t build me a website yet?" he asked in shock. You don’t need a website yet, I replied. What you need is a 6 Figure Business Card that automatically puts hot leads on your calendar to build a 6 Figure Business...

Cash Flow

Before I show you the exact sequence to profits, I’m drawing a line in the sand Marketing can PAY FOR ITSELF and far MORE - even for the newbie! ‘They’ didn’t tell you that did they? But to be fair, they didn’t know either..

Meet Liz

After exploding onto the internet in 2006 when I went from being a young, pregnant pastor and knowing nothing about the internet to making $60,000 a month in 4 months, then losing it all 2 years later, and rebuilding again...I’ve had it!

I have increasing numbers of coaching, consulting and speaker clients coming to me after giving some yahoo 5 and 6 figures to ‘build their website and funnel’ and 6-12 months later they have nothing but a huge hole in their pocket and broken website to show for it.


Marketing is a powerful force for good to pull people who need each other together and people are abusing their powers to strip coaches and consultants from their money.

It’s time you know the truth...

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