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ATTN: Coaches, Consultants and Speakers…

Can Your Clients Pay To Build Your Business For You so that You Stay In Profit?
YES! If you have a system…

“Liz, I don’t know what to do. I paid them $15,000 for a website and funnel. It’s been 6 months. I have half a broken website, no way to take money or build my list. What do I do?“ she asked, numb with despair.

After 6 months of struggling with her website and marketing, 6 months of letting her client base dwindle while she got ready to launch, Terrie had almost forgotten why she was doing this in the first place.

A gifted coach who made a huge difference in the lives of her clients, a powerhouse of optimism and change, a master visionary, she wasn’t sure how it had all come to this dismal place.

It’s a story I hear all too often.

Even if the web designer means to help, they are not marketers and do not understand the client path. They have little to no knowledge of the psychology of client enrollment. Introverts themselves, they have no idea how to create the infrastructure of a business that centers on – talking to actual people!

My clients come to me for marketing…they leave with a business.

Marketing pulls tribes together – that’s my definition.

Business supports the growth and transformation of your tribe.

You are an expert at what you do or you wouldn’t be here. I’m very good at attracting my ideal client.

My ideal client is an expert speaker, coach or consultant, who has a gift transforming lives and a drive to change the world. You already know your gift, your mission, your purpose. You already have clients paying you to help them.
Now it’s time to scale up and help more people and you are lost.

Either you’ve hired someone or someones to do your website and marketing and you have nothing to show for it.

Or you’ve been trying to do it yourself with varying degrees of success, but it just never takes off like its supposed to.

You’ve been doing the work…double the work, because you are serving your clients and building the marketing at the same time!

You are frustrated and often at the point of burnout or saying, I’ll just keep this a hobby and help only a few, maybe I was wrong about expanding.

And it’s not your fault.

There is little to NO marketing out there that shows the coach, consultant, speaker the SEQUENCE of the marketing for our industry.


It’s not your fault.

No one is telling you this because they don’t know any better. They are not in our industry and they are guessing at our needs.

My clients have had such amazing results working with my system that they told me that it was time for me to help more world changers.

And that’s why I’m here.

To show you what you don’t know about marketing for our industry.
To show you how to get back in profit (or expansion) FAST.
To offer you support if you need it.

I know you. You are my Ideal Client. An action taker who is ready to change the world who just needs some structure and support.

You know your Ideal Client.

So let’s get out there and serve more of them!

How To Read This Expose

I only build the marketing I and my clients use that gets results. You are going thru the exact same client path that I build for my clients in their niches for their brands.

Do you feel understood?

Are we building a relationship?

Are you getting to Like, Know and Trust me?

Experience this path for yourself and also as your client.

Is this the type of experience that you would like them to go thru when they meet you?

Would they feel understood, cherished, in good hands every step of the way?

Evaluate more than the information.
Evaluate the process and ask, is this what I’ve been trying to build?

Yes, it’s ballsy. I’m asking you to look behind the curtain from the very beginning!

And I want you to!

There is nothing to hide here and everything to gain.

Let’s change the world together 🙂

Get out there and meet people, help them, make some good money…THEN hire the right expert to build your business!

So let me ask you…

How would you like an automatic client booking system that doesn’t even require a website? 

How would like to get paid to build your marketing and products and know that what you are building, clients will buy?

How would you love to see a tribe so hot that your current customers are demanding their friends come see you too?

I’ll show behind the curtain of the 5 Phases of the Build in Profit System and how EACH PHASE PAYS FOR THE NEXT right now…

Liz Infographics

PHASE 1: The 6Figure Business Card

This is what crystallized after talking to my clients about their stories…Marketing SHOULD Pay for Itself and it all starts with the 6 Figure Business Card!

Everyone knows that your prospect has to Like, Know and Trust you before they will become a client…

So I asked myself, could a business card get your prospect liking and trusting you from the very beginning?

Yes! If you throw a little psychology at it.

You see, The 6 Figure Business Card is a finely tuned marketing tool and every part of this seemingly simple card and the automated system behind it leads to Your Ideal Client landing automatically on your calendar.

It’s all built in!

Liz Card

Visit for the full training.

This INCOME PRODUCING business card puts hot prospects on your calendar automatically while you stay in your Passion, serving your clients.

Only then do you take some of the profit to build your Income Producing website…using the same marketing that you just proved works!

PHASE 2: The Income Producing Website

Notice that I said, INCOME PRODUCING! If your website is not making you at least as much as your business card (6 figures) then, I’ll be blunt, you have a vanity site not a business.

Your website IS your business card online and more. And just like your business card is not a calling card, it brings in business, so does your website.

In fact, it runs with the same funnel as your business card /gift.

All roads lead to your calendar until your calendar is over-flowing, then we build the next phase to handle the volume.

  • But Liz, don’t they say, “If you build it, they will come?”
  • In the movies! But do you think that line of cars got to the field of dreams by accident?
  • Someone had to invite them there.
  • Then they had to serve the few before they built the massive parking lot and stadium for the many.

What are you offering on your website?

Have you heard the principle, “A confused mind doesn’t buy.”

You can only make ONE offer at a time. Whether on your card, website or speaking. You can only give a prospect ONE direction if you want them to take it.

I learned that as a pastor and youth pastor actually.

When my annual review came up, I had one of my youth leaders as part of the meeting. When they asked her opinion, she said, “She’s really good at herding cats!” lol That was my highest praise ever. And I can do it because I only give the cats ONE direction to go.

Keep the path focused.

And we are focusing on your CALENDAR for now and LATER we will bring in the products and webinar. 

If you already have products and a webinar, we’ll still pair down to ONE offer.
For my eCommerce and corporate C-Suite consultants, that one thing is getting the phone to ring.

Let your website fill your calendar and build your profits and then let your clients pay you to build your own product…


PHASE 3: The Prefunded Product

By now your clients are begging you to sell them something more, so it’s time to build out your flagship course or product by preselling it to those who are already demanding more!

I’ve said it before, ‘Build it and they will come’ only words in the movies.

In the real world, we ask our clients what they want, presell it to them, build it together – serving our clients all along the way and bonding as a tribe even more. 

Together we create what serves their needs (not what we think they need) and only then do we take our flagship to the Wider World…and guess what?

The presales of the ‘beta’ product paid for the cost of building it and even more.

That extra goes into building what everyone wants… the webinar and joint venture sales!

PHASE 4: The PreFunded Webinar
& JV Launch

Only now is it time for the sexy webinar that everyone has told you is golden.

It is golden!

IF you’ve got a strong product of your own and IF you have the funding to build it!

In my opinion, this phase is the single biggest killer of speakers, coaches and consultants, because we shouldn’t roll it out until Phase 4 – when we have the rabid client base and funding to build it.

Only after your rabid client base has helped you build in profit are you ready to take your gift to the masses. Your clients pay for the build out, help you make the perfect profit and then you have a proven winner to hand to joint venture partners on a silver platter.

This is the phase that you start bringing in cold traffic with ads to your webinar and service a wider clientele.

You start building traction and income and profits until your clients start hounding you to meet them in person and now you can roll out your own live events with presales from your rabid tribe..

PHASE 5: PreSold Events

Your fans are clambering for you to come out from behind the camera and see you in person, so it’s time to start live events, but not out of pocket to cold traffic.

What have I taught you over and over?

Presell your first tickets to your hot, rabid clients and they will show up and help you create the perfect event…one where they will step up and become MasterMind clients at the $20,000 and above level.

Did you ever wonder how those Real Estate trainers got so much for their coaching services? HINT – they didn’t sell them online!

There is a psychology to price points and how much you can sell on a given platform. Internet sales typically top out at $3000. 

If you to offer the higher ticket MasterMinds, then you need to take it offline.

Think about it. Are you going to invest $50-150,000 and a year of your life in coaching or consulting if you’ve never even met the person?

They need time to get to know you and you both need time to see if you speak the same language. That takes 3-4 days, which is why a Tony Robbins conference is that long 😉

Now you take some of the profits from the event and get more cold traffic for your webinar to feed the client cycle and the entire business was built out PAYING YOU to build it all the way!

Are you getting this?

What ‘they’ never told you?

That if you build in sequence, you can build a business without losing your shirt or your passion!!!

Liz, why are you spilling the beans here for the whole world to see?

I’ll say it again, Marketing should pay for itself!

No matter what ‘they’ tell you, a 6 week or 12 month course will not teach you all that I just showed you that is embedded in this seemingly simple business card…and that’s just Step 1 of Phase 1.

It’s okay! It’s not your fault!

I’ve been doing this since 2006 (you can see my story on About Me 🙂 )

You don’t have 14+ years to stop what you are doing and learn from the best, implement it, fail, succeed, crack the code and finally implement it across multiple industries – including life coaching, speaking, network marketing, info-marketing and more.

You need to stay in your area of genius and change the world.

You need to stay out there, networking, helping people and then hire the experts in their area of genius to do the marketing for you.

Frankly, this is my area of genius and it’s time for me to help more people.

I need to show you what you can do right, so you can stop doing it wrong.

So, I’m giving you this walk-through as my gift to you.

If you are already at the stage that you want to talk about me building it for you, then you can check out

If you are at the stage that you need to Do-It-Yourself for now. I’m giving you that knowledge and that power.

I want to empower you for the long haul.

It’s time for you to shine.

Please take what I’m giving you and get out there and help more people. Help me make this world a fit place for my daughter and all our children.

Click Here To Get Your Own Marketing Blueprint and Build YOUR Business in Profit!

This ONE System is the Backbone of ALL Your Marketing Going Forward! will be your call to action on your business card, your speaking gigs where you cannot sell, your social media, your website, your virtual summit appearances, your webinars, your speakers one sheet and every lead magnet on hundreds of ads that you will split test.

Are you getting this? 

This ONE Automated System will give you a jumpstart everywhere!

How do I use it myself?
Let me count the ways…

  • On my business card for hot prospects
  • With my referrals so that prospects get on my calendar easily
  • On my Call to Action slide at the end of my Signature Talk – closes 40-60% of the room to my list!
  • At the end of my Webinar when I close to my Marketing Consult
  • With my Facebook ads as a Marketing Consult
  • On my joint venture funnel so that you can qualify yourself to me and set a time

And the list is growing!

This is the most versatile and highest profit margin funnel in my extensive bag of tricks after 14+ years of direct marketing and internet marketing…

What’s the catch?

This is a HOT MARKET system at the start!

I’m assuming that you are out there talking to people, networking or speaking. (That’s, after all, how you likely found me, or referral.)

If you are not or not willing to do that, then don’t waste your time.

Traffic is the lifeblood of marketing. You have to have an Irresistible Offer AND people to see it! You’ve heard that a million times by now.

THIS system begins fueled by human contact and referral.

If you are not willing to get out there (online or offline) and talk to people, then this is not the funnel nor the system for you.

And let me tell it to you straight…

EVERYONE wants to build a website and have clients magically appear…

It’s the unicorn of the internet…if I build it, they will come…and, frankly, it doesn’t work that way at first.

I  get 20-30 people a day now join my list from seemingly thin air. Once you build up some critical mass, this funnel puts pre-qualified prospects on your calendar literally while you sleep. But first…

All marketing has to have traffic, eyeballs, people to look at it. And ads are expensive to build, buy and maintain.

And that’s why so many lose their passion and their businesses in the pursuit of it.

Yes, it’s damned sexy!

And I do build these cold market funnels for my clients…but not till they are profitable with The 6 Figure Business Card System!

If you go straight to the cold traffic your business suffers!

Because you are putting so much time and money into building it, the product, the copy, the tech glitches, that:

  • You are no longer taking care of your clients
  • You are no longer helping new clients, which is why you are in this business in the first place and
  • You are so bogged down, you lose your drive and zest 
  • And you give up.

I’ve seen it over and over and over again.

I’ve helped client after client pick up the pieces again.

Find their passion again.

And start with The 6 Figure Business Card to bring in new clients effectively and automatically!

Then use that revitalize client base to fund the website, your evergreen product, your webinar, your joint venture launch, live events and more!

We can roll out all these for you, but the order that you do them matters to keep you in profit and thriving. 

We’ve cracked that code too. And we’ll hold you to rolling out in the order that will keep you in profit!

I hope this little talk opened your eyes to what you have been missing in the glitz and glamour of internet marketing.

It's the critical piece that's been missing…
How do you roll out marketing in profit?

I just showed you Phase 1 and with this alone you could put qualified prospects automatically on your calendar and take your business to the next level 

Now, take a deep breath to center.

You’ve got this

Here's Some Great News

You don’t have to do it alone.

I’ve set aside some time to personally review your current sales and marketing process, and design a fully customized, sustainable marketing plan for you…FREE.

This is a genuinely free offer, and there are no strings attached.

In fact, it’s even better than you realize.

Not only do we design the plan for you, we also create a detailed blueprint of exactly how it works and give you that as well …so you can deploy it immediately.

If that sounds interesting to you…

Here's What To Do Next

I’ve posted a short description of how this works, go to and opt-in, just like I showed you above.

Then fill out the application so that we have all that we need to help you focus your marketing plan.

This Is NOT What You Might Be Thinking

If you’re skeptical and are wondering if this is some kind of “bait and switch”, that’s understandable.

The good news is, it’s NOT. 

In fact – it’s quite the opposite.

There Is No Charge For This and There Is No Catch.

…Which of course leads you to wonder, “Why would you do all of this work for free”?

Well, in the interest of full transparency, this is how I get clients.

I use the same funnels I build for you and a consultation is part of it!

A good percentage of the people who I do this for end up asking us to actually build all of their marketing for them.

When that happens, my in-house team and I actually build all the web pages, build the follow-up campaigns, and implement everything for the client so they can stay in their area of genius and focus on serving their clients.

So that’s my “hidden motivation” for doing this.

However …

This Is NOT A “Sales Pitch In Disguise”

Far from it.

You’ll get no pressure to become a client because we let the value of the work speak for itself.

The marketing plan that we design for you, will be absolutely transformational for your business.

I guarantee it.

But anyone could say that, couldn’t they?

Which is why I’m willing to make you this promise:

I’ll Give You $200.00 If You Don’t Like It

If you tell me that we’ve wasted your time during our conversation,I’ll immediately PayPal you $200.00 to compensate you for the hour or so we spend together.

There’s no “fine print” here. No “catch”.

The bottom line is, we’ll design you an amazing marketing plan for free and we’ll even give you a blueprint of it so you can deploy it at once.

After that, you might want to become a client. Or not. I won’t pressure you either way.

And if you think I wasted your time, I’ll PayPal you $200.00.

The “Catch” You’ve Been Looking For

There are two.

First, we’re unable to extend this offer to just anybody.

There are some qualifications you’ll need to meet – the “biggest” being that you’re a real business, you have a product and are not selling anything shady.
The second is this is very time sensitive…for a reason.

We’re a small boutique company (by design) and can only offer a handful of these free blueprinting sessions.

They’re all granted on a first come, first served basis.

So if you found this expose helpful, and would like to see exactly how these types of strategies could improve your sales on a consistent basis, go here.

We’ve set aside some time to design a fully customized plan for you …using the exact methods I described in this article.

…And we’ll do it for free.

If that sounds like something that could help you, go here before all availability is taken.

To Your Success!