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Are you ready to cash your check?
Are you sure you know what to write on that check to receive it?

This week we are going to learn how to define what we REALLY want. To get very clear and focused on what we are asking for in our dream.

The first step is to allow yourself to dream again. Remember when you were a child and anything was possible. Remember standing outside in your yard, ready to create your day. You could be anything you wanted, try on any dream and play with it for a day.

Today step back out into the yard and playground and let yourself dream w/out limits.

Then we will dig into some limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from living into those dreams. But first you have to let yourself dream again. So take a deep breath and listen to CD1 and do the workbook exercises.

Feel free to share your insights with your fellow dreambuilders below, and in a couple days we'll dive into CD2.
Have you been measuring your dream by an old pan?

It's time to decide for a dream!
You can choose to create another day like the last year.
You can choose to create a day with the covers over your head.
Or you can choose to create a day that takes you one step closer to your dream!

Rather than choose our dreams based on our conditioning and past experiences, let's choose based on our desired outcomes. Hint: Our longings and discontents will be our guides…

Take a deep breath, and let the past go.
Now listen to CD2 and do the exercises and share your insights with all of us below!