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“Do what you can, with what you’ve got, from where you are.”
Mary Morrissey

This dream was 28 years and 2 weeks in the making.  I started going to writers’ workshops and writing children’s books when I was 12.  My aunt put a camera in my hand and taught me to share the world thru my lens when I was 16.  Afraid of rejection, I never shared those gifts with the world…Until Now!

It took 28 years of dreaming and 2 weeks of action…and now I’m a published author, sharing my own Inspirational quotes and photography with my clients and everyone ready to put their inspiration to action to manifest their dreams.

I share this sample of my dream with you to show you that dreams do come true and a little push doesn’t hurt 🙂

My first coaching training with Mary Morrissey I was a wreck.  Several people very close to me had told me that I was a fool and instead of this coaching thing, I should put my daughter in daycare and get a ‘real job.’  They were friends and family who had supported me in the past, so this came as a real shock to me.

Getting a ‘real job’ and only seeing my daughter for a few hours at night when we were both exhausted out of our minds did not make me feel expansive.  Sharing my deep gift of intuition and coaching, home schooling my daughter as we travel – that felt expansive, so I went to training anyway. It took everything I had, emotionally and financially.

My biggest pain was that my daughter is an old soul and an incredible person, but I didn’t feel that I was being the example she deserved.  Children learn by modelling and here I was hiding my light under a bushel.  I knew I could help people. I helped people every day for free and they would email me, tell me how one conversation changed their lives and ask why I wasn’t helping more people.  If I wasn’t living into my greatness, how could my daughter learn to live into hers?

But by the end of that first training, my heart was so expansive, it filled the whole conference room.  I even dared to approach Mary directly and tell her, “Thank you for not letting me play small.  Thank you for helping me live into the mother my daughter deserves.”

That was just the beginning.  Over the next six months I would discover my partner, my fast track to enlightenment, my homeschooling dream come true…

By the next training, 6 months later, I walked into that conference room a fully confident, self-actualized woman.  My coaching business had returned over 4 times my initial investment, I was home schooling my daughter.  I had coached others to become coaches.  And then Mary blew my mind…

“Would Liz Hester please come to the stage?”  Mary had called three of us to the stage and it just didn’t sink in. My table-mates had to poke me to get up! Lol

That year Mary started giving out her ‘Dream Builder Award of Excellence’ and I received one of the first ones.  That beautiful flaming statue is my Oscar.  I had no idea it was coming. I had no idea I’d be on stage with my mentor validating the rough journey I’d been through to manifest my dream.

You see, the first training, I was so deep in my pain and fear, all I could see was my daughter and Mary.  I longed to be a better mother and I could see Mary’s hand holding out to get me on the path.  That hand and the team's arms around me helped me keeping taking baby steps, every day.

The next training I felt different.  I was there for my clients. I could see the impact this dream building work had on their lives, that sharing my gift made a difference and I wanted to be even better.  I was confident in my work and ministry, but I still didn’t see me.

When Mary called me to the stage and presented me with that award, I finally got that Mary, my mentor, saw greatness in me.  Sure my clients had been asking why I wasn’t speaking from stages yet, but I still didn’t get it.  Standing up there with Mary, surrounded by the faculty, I believed in their belief in my greatness…even if I didn’t yet believe it on my own.

That flaming statue lit a fire. I went home and got to work with my partner. We had been blessed with incredible gifts to heal limiting beliefs and our clients were seeing results, not only in their lives, but in every life they touched. Buoyed by my mentor’s belief, I got to work to help more people.

So where does this book come in?

On the verge of returning to my next training, I was seized with a burning dream.  I wanted to show Mary the impact she and her team had on my life.  I wanted to put into her hands the fruit of my labor and show her that I finally got it this time.  No longer did I have to rely on her belief. I got it.  I not only could see what they saw, I felt it in my heart and soul and greatness feels good!

So I dusted off 6 months of blog posts and 10 years of photography.  Who am I to write a book filled with my own inspirational quotes? I’m Liz Hester!

It only took 2 weeks, from conception to self-publishing on Kindle and my dream of being a published author and artist, 28 years in the making, came true.

I came to training this time and put my first book in my mentor’s hands and said, “Thank you for inviting me into my greatness.”  (And my second book will be out next week! Lol)

Who am I to write a book (and a bonus 130page workbook, 52 emails reminders and affirmation MP3)? I’m Liz Hester dream builder and it is in large thanks Mary and her team that I lived into ME!

I just took one baby step at a time doing what I could, with what I had, from where I was…and now I’m loving my life!

Thank you Mary and Rich, Matt, Jennifer, John, Kirsten, Pam, Tami (in order of my meeting you). Your work fanned the flame of my dreams and these baby steps are transforming my world.

Can your dreams come true? Yes they can. One step at a time.  Thank you for participating in my dream and allowing me to share it with you. I can’t wait to see what you do with yours!




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PS How did I write and publish a book in 2 weeks.  It really is as simple as writing your book in a Word document, hiring someone on to format it for Kindle (for $5-20). Choosing someone else’s book cover you like and hiring someone on to make one like it for you ($5-20). Then you upload the .mobi and cover to Kindle publishing.  Within 48hours your book goes live.

And if, like me, you took imperfect action and want to fix something in the book, you just make the changes and reupload it to Kindle.

Do yourself a favor, if you have a book in you, let it out!  Kindle makes it easy for you to take that baby step. And when it gets big on Amazon, then take it to a big publisher 🙂