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Stop the War

“It got worse, Russian troops are near the Kyiv. We are in a bomb shelter now.”

I woke this morning to this message from the web developer I've worked with for almost 5 years,

3:43am CT
“Hi Liz, everything is quite in Kyiv now. Ukrainian forces are much more skilled and prepared.
Also, there is not enough troops from Russian side for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
I believe in our army but this morning was stressful.”

5:58am CT
“It got worse, Russian troops are near the Kyiv. We are in a bomb shelter now.”

I feel so helpless. It's like the Diary of Anne Frank in real time and what can I do to help my friend Andy?
It’s not a Holocaust yet. It’s not yet the USSR. What if we can stop it? But who am I?

I'm nobody. I’m nobody important. I have a voice, but who would hear it?

And then I remembered… 6 Degrees of Separation

Maybe I'm only 6 Degrees away from someone who has the power to Stop the War.

But only if I use my voice.
Only if I take that one small step that I have the power to take.
I only have to reach one who reaches one…

And I found my voice.

Liz Hester, [2/24/2022 12:13 PM]
Andy, I'm creating a post with your words to try to start a grassroots movement. Maybe I'm only 6 degrees of Separation from someone who has the power to Stop the War.

Liz Hester, [2/24/2022 12:13 PM]
I'm not using your name (I’ve changed it for the post.) May I use your words?

Liz Hester, [2/24/2022 12:13 PM]
It may not be enough, but it's something I CAN do

Andy, [2/24/2022 12:14 PM]
Yes, thank you

Liz Hester, [2/24/2022 12:14 PM]
I'm so sorry Andy. I am so lucky to be in Texas and I hate that you are there. I'm doing what I can with what I have.

Andy, [2/24/2022 12:15 PM]
We are preparing for a difficult night. I am trying to find any way to leave the country but even with a car we can’t do it now

Liz Hester, [2/24/2022 12:18 PM]
I'm writing this post, putting it on my homepage and then reaching out individually to everyone I personally know. Stay safe sounds stupid, so take it as my wish for you both

Andy, [2/24/2022 12:22 PM]
thank you Liz. Thank you for your support

Please, if you are reading this, reach out to ALL your connections personally and ask them to Stop the War.

No chain letters, no spam. Reach out in addition to the petitions.

Just reach out personally, from the heart to the people you know and tell them…

“I just got this, “It got worse, Russian troops are near the Kyiv. We are in a bomb shelter now.”
I know this girl Liz whose web developer, Andy, just sent that Telegram.
Andy is huddled in a bomb shelter in Kyiv right now.

WE can answer that cry for help.

We are only 6 degrees of separation from someone who can stop it.
If we all ask, we WILL be heard by someone with the power.

Please reach out personally to the people you KNOW and ask them to Stop the War.

Please, my friend is in trouble, Stop the War.”

Use your own words.
Use my words above if you don't have the words.

Write it, live stream it, meme it, just do it
Use YOUR voice

If you are there, in Ukraine, please reach out to us, like Andy did to me, so that we know real people, our friends, are in trouble and have a voice. We CAN help your words be heard!

It has always been my hope that the Internet would bring world peace. After all, how can we bomb someone who has been a true friend to us, sharing their lives their advice with us on Reddit and Facebook and Instagram and TikTok…

This is that time.

If we all reach out with ONE message, to EVERYONE we know, the connection of the Internet can exponentially amplify our voice. We CAN be heard, we CAN make a connection and effect REAL ACTION.

Please forgive the caps. This is the time for them.

We have a voice
We have connection
With one message we can make a difference

Stop the War.
My friend is scared in a bomb shelter right now.
Stop the War.

This time our voices CAN make a difference if we use them and reach out in love.


PS If you try to book a time with me via my website, I'm sorry, I've blocked all the times to focus on saving my tech (and hopefully waking up the sleeping giant in the middle).

PPS If you are still reading this, please STOP and activate your 6 degrees of separation. It's time to ACT.

Please share this without or with credit.
I posted this on my homepage so that it could be shared anywhere and everywhere without having to sign in to social media.

Take it and post it on your website and social media as is. I waive any reprint rights. Just get the message out!

Say it in your own and BETTER words. Just get the message out.
Stop the War. My friend is hurting. Stop the War.

If you are not techy, just make it easy and link to this page. Just get the word out.
Stop the War. My friend is hurting. Stop the War.


Update 02/25/22

Andy, [2/25/2022 12:05 AM]
Today at 4:20 in the morning Russian plane was shot down and fell in only 2.5km away from our house

Andy, [2/25/2022 12:06 AM]
We are in a bomb shelter now

Andy, [2/25/2022 12:07 AM]
We heard sirens. They will try to take Kyiv today. Thanks are moving in Kyiv direction.

Andy, [2/25/2022 2:08 AM]
We sleep on blanket on the cement in the bomb shelter.

Andy, [2/25/2022 2:08 AM]
I’m devastated. my girlfriend's parents hearing machineguns and rifles. They are also hiding

Andy, [2/25/2022 2:08 AM]
My family is hiding too

Liz Hester, [2/25/2022 9:26 AM]
Andy, I don't know if anyone is listening, but I'm adding your updates to the homepage in hopes we reach someone

Update 03/01/22

Andy, [3/1/2022 5:00 AM]
Just a quick update. We had 3 sirens this night. Didn’t sleep well and we got sick. But no explosions here. My family is safe now and hiding if it’s needed

Andy, [3/1/2022 7:29 AM]
Russian troops are not far from where we had fled to in kryvyi rih. Our military is fighting them. We hope for the best and hiding

Liz Hester, [3/1/2022 7:38 AM]
I hope you can stay safe! Can I post this update to the homepage?

Liz Hester, [3/1/2022 7:38 AM]
Just today's update

Andy, [3/1/2022 7:38 AM]

Liz Hester, [3/1/2022 7:41 AM]
Praying for you Andy


Update 03/02/22

Andy [3/2/2022 8:07 AM]
Hi Liz, we are safe and it is quiet here. In around 60 km from here, our military destroyed around 800 military vehicles today. We have food, water, electricity, and internet. My family is safe too. Today is gonna be another round of negotiations and we hope for the best.

Liz Hester,
Thich Nhat Hanh says that when each of us focuses on Being Peace, we'll bring this ship Earth to safe harbor. He said that in the midst of his brother monks lighting themselves on fire to protest the Vietnam war. We will keep being Peace until we are all safely home!

Andy, [3/2/2022 2:04 PM]
We will evacuate from this place to a different district in Kryvyi Rih. There is a possibility that the building near us will be bombed in the next couple of days

Liz Hester, [3/2/2022 2:07 PM]
Adding to the update! Glad you are moving ahead of the bombs. Sending thoughts/prayers for your continued safety


Update 03/03/22

Andy, [3/3/2022 12:02 PM]
We moved to a safer place this morning, didn’t have much sleep this night
We live with our grandma and her friend
she gave us a room with a bed which is nice after sleeping on the floor this whole time

Liz Hester, [3/3/2022 12:04 PM]
I'm glad you are safer and more comfortable! I thought you were likely looking for family to stay with in a safer zone.

Andy, [3/3/2022 12:05 PM]
I had a dream that the war was over and we celebrated. I hope it all will end soon.

Liz Hester, [3/3/2022 12:07 PM]
I think everyone but Putin and his followers are dreaming that dream and working hard to make that dream true. I hope you will all be safe soon and that we are starting a new era where we hold bullies accountable.

Liz Hester, [3/3/2022 12:10 PM]
Did you hear about the 16 year old tracking the Russian planes on Twitter?

Andy, [3/3/2022 12:11 PM]
yes, the guy that was previously tracking Elon Musks’s plane, lol

Liz Hester, [3/3/2022 12:12 PM]
yes! Kira told me about him yesterday. I love that he's putting his skills to good use!
And gives me hope that we are all doing what we can, whatever that is
That this time the world is coming together on stopping the violence. And I hope it's sooner so more can live. You are not alone.
And Musk should send him a Tesla for the Russian Planes!

Update 03/07/22

Andy, [3/7/2022 11:37 AM]
We're safe for now. We still hear the bombs in the distance but we are far enough away for now.

Update 03/14/22

Andy, [3/14/2022 8:08 AM]
Things are getting worse for us. Russians are near the city. We didn't have much sleep this night because of 5 hour long siren at night and another 1 hour long in the morning. We are depressed. We don't know what to do next.

Update 03/31/22

Andy, [3/31/2022 4:45 AM]
I am happy that russian troops were kicked out further away from where we at!

Update 04/08/22

Andy, [4/08/2022 10:38 AM]
I am home and working from home now and it's quiet!