How to to Roll Out Profitable, Sustainable Marketing That Pays for Itself

Build in Profit System

Before I show you the exact sequence to profits, I’m drawing a line in the sand…

Marketing can PAY FOR ITSELF and far MORE – even for the newbie!

‘They’ didn’t tell you that did they?

But to be fair, they didn’t know either…

‘They’ are so focused on their little piece – the website, the social media, the emails, the webinar – that they missed the big picture.

Everyone knows you need a website to be taken seriously these days.

Everyone knows the money is in the relationship with the email list.

Everyone knows that webinars close high ticket sales the best…and

Everyone wants it all!

What everyone doesn’t know is that if you roll your marketing out in the right order it will not only pay for itself, it will feed your babies and build you a sustainable business….

But what’s the right order?

After working with coaches and speakers who were so gun shy from being hosed by marketers in the past that they were afraid to look me in the eye….

After talking them down off the ledge….

After helping them turn their businesses around in WEEKS and some in DAYS…

I’ve cracked the code!

And I’ll even share it with you right now…

Phase 1: Automate Building Your Hot Client Base with The 6 Figure Business Card

If you’ve been following me a while, you’ve already seen this beauty of a funnel!

How would you Speakers like to close 40-60% of the room to your email list?

How would you love to see an incentivized referral so hot that your current customers are demanding their friends come see you too?

This beauty of a funnel is the backbone of the entire automatic conversion system…

And it doesn’t even require a website, just a domain and I’ll show you how to build one now…

Phase 2: Your Marketing Website

Read my lips…You DON'T need a website to build your business!

Go back to Phase 1

Build Your Business THEN Build Your Website…

And use the profits from building your client base to have us experts build your site for you…

A MARKETING WEBSITE, not some vanity website that looks pretty and serves zero function to get you clients.

We build websites that connect to your Phase 1 automated funnel that continue to put hot prospects on your calendar automatically day after day after day…

You've hear this before…Stay in your area of genius and hire out the rest…

We stay up on the tech and marketing that works…

We build the sites aimed at getting you more calls and more clients…

You take care of your clients and when you have enough profit, the experts will build the site for you while you focus on serving your clients and deciding what you want to teach them in Phase 3…

Phase 3: Get Paid to Build Your Online Course

I’ll even show you how to get paid to build this Phase.  

It’s really really easy…

Here’s a concept… let your hot clients that keep begging you for more PAY YOU to build your next product!

In the case of coaches, speakers and consultants, that’s usually your group course.

You’ve been teaching 1on1 for so long that you have the system down and you are ready to leverage your time with group teaching….

You’re clients have been on your case to sell them something else…

You are getting tired and hitting a ceiling of:

Number of hours you have to coach

Number of clients you can take on

Number of times you can say the same thing over and over without going crazy

And you’ve been seduced by the idea that you can create an online course

And you’ve bought the software and the courses to do it

And you’ve spent months putting your hot clients on hold while you tried to figure it out

Only to have no course and no hair because you’ve pulled it all out and you are worried your clients are going to go pick up another teacher while they are waiting

That’s why you want to do this the easy way. is $300 a year and a terrific service that let’s you teach a group easily…while recording it for your evergreen product!

It’s a little technical, so I’ve shot a video for you:

If all you want to do is all live group coaching, you are not worried about getting automated and evergreen group courses that people can join at any time and pay you ongoing,..

Then you can just do Phase 3 over and over and have a sustainable business.

And if the thought of leveraging your time further so you made it once but get paid again and again sounds good, then your profits from phase three roll forward to pay for the build out of phase four…

Phase 4: Your PreFunded Webinar & JV Launch…at last!

Hold your horses! I hear you saying!

Isn’t this out of order?

Everyone else is teaching going straight to the evergreen product.

Are you holding out on me Liz?

You hold your horses.

The evergreen funnel is sexy.

Make it once, it makes money forever!

IF you already know what your market wants

IF you already have a converting offer and emails

IF you have 6 months to put the beast together

Yes, it takes most firms 3-6 months to put one of these beasts together.

Sure it looks easy when you opt in to someone else's evergreen webinar, but there is a ton of infrastructure and testing that has gone behind each little piece that you see.

It’s an insanely complicated and profitable machine

And it takes time and money to build

And that’s why so many good people are losing their hair, sleep and money trying to put these together themselves.

If you skip to Phase 4 without the firm grounding of Phases 1, 2 and 3, you do not have the momentum nor the profit to put your evergreen product together.

This is where my mentor said it was time to call in the expert and she was right.

I’ve been building out the evergreen webinar cycles and products for 2 years for clients while most people buy the course, watch module one and two on how to build it and quietly go away

It takes

  • Copywriting know-how
  • A coach who can pull your markets’ pain and dreams out of you
  • A tech team to put it on a webpage and emails to call out to your ideal client and have them gladly respond.

And now that I’ve been straight with you what a pain in the ass these funnel are, I’m going to show you how they fit in the rollout and why everyone is so hot to get their hands on one…

Because now you know what ‘they' didn’t tell you.

The best way to build up to Phase 4 is to let your hot market pay for it for you

Including the cost of the expert help so you can focus on teaching your clients and continuing to bring in more clients.

They even develop it with you in Phase 3

So that by the time you are done, you are ready to roll it out to a wider audience and joint venture partners.

I hope that this has given you hope.

You always wanted your own automated, online empire and had no idea why you couldn’t attain it.

Your clients love you

You are helping people

You just want to help more and profit doing it

You need to focus on serving your clients and let them pay for the expert help you need to serve them more and better.

We’re not even going to go deep into the last phases here.

Suffice it to say that

Phase 5: Your Own PreSold Live Events and more

are still down the pipe and still the profits from the previous pay for the next…

Is it easy?

Hell no!

Even with us setting up the infrastructure and backend, you still have to get out and network and close clients to fuel your business…just like you’ve been doing

The difference is that you are staying focused on your genius, yor gift, your mission

While we back you up with ours.


Let’s talk!

Here’s Some Great News.

I’ve set aside some time to personally review your current sales and marketing process, and design a fully customized, sustainable marketing plan for you …FREE.

This is a genuinely free offer, and there are no strings attached.

In fact, it’s even better than you realize.

Not only do we design the plan for you, we also create a detailed blueprint of exactly how it works and give you that as well …so you can deploy it immediately.

If that sounds interesting to you …

Here’s What To Do Next.

I’ve posted a short description of how this works, and my hidden motivation here.

Go here to read it.

Assuming you’re OK with my “hidden motives”, you’ll want to proceed to the next step.

That’s simply a an application so that we have all that we need to help you focus your marketing plan.

This Is NOT What You Might Be Thinking.

If you’re skeptical and are wondering if this is some kind of “bait and switch”, that’s understandable.

The good news is, it’s NOT.

In fact – it’s quite the opposite.

As you’ll see here, I’m willing to pay YOU money in the event you feel this free service was a waste of your time.

No strings attached.

It’s all spelled out in black and white here.

The “Catch” You’ve Been Looking For.

There are two.

First, we’re unable to extend this offer to just anybody.

There are some qualifications you’ll need to meet – the “biggest” being that you’re a real business, not a beginner, and not selling anything shady.

The second is this is very time sensitive …for a reason.

We’re a small company (by design) and can only offer a handful of these free blueprinting sessions each month.

They’re all granted on a first come, first served basis.

So if you found this article helpful, and would like to see exactly how these types of strategies could improve your sales on a consistent basis, go here.

We’ve set aside some time to design a fully customized plan for you …using the exact methods I described in this article.

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If that sounds like something that could help you, go here before all availability is taken.

To Your Success!


PS The short version: I’ve set aside time for us to go over your Marketing Plan for free!

You’ll get the complete blueprint and at the end, if it’s a good fit, we’ll offer to help you roll it out.

I’ll even pay you if you feel it was a waste of your time

It’s all spelled out in black and white here.

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