1617% More Sales from Emails

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Did you know that you can get 1617% more sales from your email list by doing one thing?

According to WordStream, “Emails that have a single call to action increased clicks 371% and sales 1617%.”

That really just means that you can only ask people to do one thing.

Here’s one example that’s really simple …but can totally change the game for you:

When your mother asked you to do 3 things, how many did you actually do?

Right, one! Because that’s what you could remember.

And in this fast-paced world with too many things to do, we still can only really do one thing at a time.

So if you ask the people in your email list to do more than one thing, what happens?

They either do one thing and not the other, or…

More likely, they do nothing because you’ve asked for too much and they can’t decide if it’s worth the effort.

That’s why those who only have one thing to do (or call to action) are getting 1617% more sales from their emails.

So next time you go to stuff your newsletter with links, remember that if you want more sales from your emails, do just one thing!
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