A Step-by-Step Guide to Boosting Email Open Rates

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Let’s take these actionable steps and enhance your email strategy, specifically focusing on crafting compelling subject lines and boosting open rates.

First, we’ll break down the impact of even such a small improvement at the start of your email journey—the subject line and the Open by only 1%. Even this little improvement means a lot more people are ready to take the next step—clicking.

Imagine you've upgraded your Open rate from 5% to 10% by tweaking your subject lines. It might seem like a small 5% increase, but if we look at the bigger picture, it's a big deal.

Even if the number of clicks stays the same, more people opening your emails means more folks are checking out your content. That could lead to more clicks on your email links and, ultimately, a potential boost in your sales. Now, let's dive into the easy, step-by-step guide to unlocking the full power of your email open rates.

Keep it Simple

Craft brief subject lines using 1-5 words for the most impact.

Make your subject lines short and snappy to grab attention right away. Skip long phrases and get straight to the point.

 Honest Clickbait

Create subject lines that genuinely spark interest and stay true to the content that follows.

Develop subject lines that really make people curious and ensure your content matches what they expect. This builds trust and keeps your audience engaged.

Drawing Them In

Craft a first sentence that matches the subject line, pulling readers into the email.

View the subject line and first sentence as a 2-part effort to encourage email opens.

Understand that the subject line and first sentence work together. They create an appealing duo that makes people want to open and engage with your email.

Avoid Header Images

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but preview text technology glitches all the time, and it’s not your fault—it’s just glitchy. And the only reason that preview sentences exist is because people insist on adding a header image to their emails. Since inboxes started showing a sliver of that first part of the email, the image name has been showing instead of the first sentence, so the preview sentence tech was born – and I hate it! It glitches all the time!

Skip header images with preview text to avoid glitches and ensure a smooth inbox experience. Choose a simple email format without header images to avoid technical issues. This ensures the first interaction with your email is glitch-free.

Friend-to-Friend Approach

An email was created for friends to contact friends, favoring a personal approach. 

Add a personal touch to your emails by treating your audience like friends. This approach aligns with the email's original purpose, creating a stronger connection.

Simplicity Over Cheating

If you try to cheat and put your first sentence into your header image and your preview sentence, you end up with an email that shows the same sentence 3 times in the preview on your phone.

Avoid complicating your email structure. Ditch the header logo and preview sentence and get back to the simple basics.

Timing is Everything

Finding the sweet spot for sending your emails can make a world of difference in their performance. It's all about timing – different types of emails thrive at different times of the day. But how do you figure out these magic moments? Start by experimenting with various timings for your email types, analyzing their performance to uncover what resonates best with your audience.

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Test Everything

Test the presented method against your current practices, ensuring a full implementation for accurate results.

Conduct thorough testing of the entire method to assess its effectiveness. Avoid partial implementations, as they may not provide a true representation of the impact on your open rates.

Perform tests with the winning control and adapt new tests based on established benchmarks.

Once you identify a winning control, use it as a benchmark for future tests. 

Continuously adapt and refine your approach based on data and insights gained through testing.


Implement these strategies consistently and test them against your current methods. Keep refining your approach based on the numbers. This approach will help you boost your email open rates and as a result, maximize your profits.
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