Hey, did you know that by doing just one thing, you can get a whopping 35% increase in bookings?

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It's called “AI scheduling”. Basically, it means letting AI text back and forth with your client base or leads and set the appointments for you.

For example, have you ever started to set an appointment online, but you have to call the business and no one answered, or you got a busy signal and so you just moved on to the next business?

Well, you're not alone.

Over half of all consumers do that!

In fact, 52% of customers would pick the next company if the first one didn't allow them to book on the spot (Salesforce). 

80% of customers surveyed by Salesforce said that convenience directly influences their loyalty to a brand. 

And those people are hot prospects for you to turn into sales… if you are the one providing that convenience.

Many businesses have found that once they were able to take bookings any time, they pulled in a larger client base. Best of all, implementing the AI was hands off and starting the flow of appointments took less than a week.

It’s simple! Businesses utilizing 24/7 automatic scheduling software reported a 35% increase in bookings (according to GetApp's survey).

And as Forbes has pointed out, AI can be available 24/7 to book appointments, leading to more convenience for clients and hence more bookings.

AI’s immediate confirmation even ensured fewer breakdowns in communication, scheduling conflicts, or double bookings.

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