I need a Ménage à trois!

Marketing 911

Last night at Fry's Electronic's I met my soul mates.  I love Fry's. By the time Kira was 2 she had been to Fry's more often than the grocery store!  So it only makes sense I would fall in love there.

I went for a Bluetooth, but dropped by to see how the Ultrabook Touchscreen technology is progressing (I always buy second or third generation tech, when the bugs are out!).  And I saw them…

Tall, dark, sleek and joined at the hip.  They were dark perfection is perfect sync and I could just imagine them draped across my room, attending to my every whim – the Triple Screen Monitor!

3 monitor setup

Now when I'm working on a Sales Funnel I can have the website in one screen, the copy and sequence in another and the autoresponder in the third!  I feel wrapped in an internet marketers' orgy. lol

What brought these warm feelings on?

This weekend I was watching Mark Hoverson's Leadership Branding course (again!) and he was extolling the virtues of using 2 monitors when working.  I've been using 2 monitors for years and now when I'm on just my laptop, it feels like I've got one arm and one eye out of commission!

But the tricky part of Sales Funnels is not accidentally dropping a connection when you are putting it all together. From opt in to website to video to email to download and back again, it gets really confusing.

I second Mark on this one and highly recommend that second (or Third!) monitor.  It not only makes you faster, it keeps you sane!

Check out Craigslist before you head to the store for a brand new monitor.  Some geek like me is likely finding a new home for their old heel and making room for their shiny new  Ménage à trois!


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