Keeping Email Marketing Super Simple

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Now, marketing is not simple. It’s a Swiss clock with a beating human heart! But by reminding ourselves to keep our email marketing part super simple, we keep ourselves from going off track.

You see, at the heart, email marketing is about dashing off a note to a friend – just like a letter. 

Aberdeen has reported that personalized email campaigns improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%.

Adestra notes that personalized subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened.

And Statista reports that 61% of consumers prefer to be contacted by brands through email, but you have to do it right!

Because just like you ignore the commercial mail in your mailbox for your precious personal letters, people (and the email providers themselves!) skip over the commercial looking emails to look at the personal ones first.  You want to be in your Tribe’s mind and in their email provider’s algorithm as a personal email.

That’s why I’ll say over and over and over – Keep It Super Simple!

And keeping it simple starts from the very beginning.

The Subject is going to be short, like to a friend:

fyi, did you see this, heads up, need help, email works! or thank you!

Skip the fancy templates and header graphics. Do you add those on an email you send to a friend? Of course not! Gmail knows that too, so if you want preferred showing in the inbox, you won’t use them. And any pictures always go below the first sentence so you don’t take up the precious preview text with an ugly picture description.

Your Body is going to be short and intriguing to get them to click over to your web page or social media.

Keep it short and clickable and have the longer conversation where it belongs – on your pretty platform where they can buy or interact with you! Like this:

Email has always worked and will always work as long as you follow the Winning Email Mantra:

The purpose of the Subject is to get the O__

The purpose of the Body is to get the C___

The First Sentence and PS CTA get the most ____

So HOW do you get the O__ and the C___?

I spell it all out for you here…

Your Close is going to personal with a PS that makes an offer. 

Your people will thank you for putting the offer for them every time and not make them go through their inbox looking for some old link. Make it easy for them to click and they’ll be happy and you’ll have more sales.

Always sign off with your first name. You are writing to your community! Be the friend to them you are.

To Your Success!


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This is how we email. We Keep it Super Simple, mailing a letter to our friends with content we think they will enjoy and we make it simple for them to engage with us. And when we do it consistently, we train an Open/Clicking Tribe to join us on this journey!

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