I've had a lot of client's telling me that they couldn't possibly do video.

“It's too hard, it costs to much to set up a studio, tech is hard and expensive!” NONE of which is true and I'll prove it to you!

Take the tour with me and I'll give you the links to the equipment below đŸ™‚

TOTAL Studio Cost $397


$100 Lights: Keep it simple! The beauty of a small space is that you don't need much to light it!


$100 Camera: Yes the big boys use a Cannon Rebel ($500) or Black Box ($1600+) but you don't need it unless you are running a full camera crew too!


$20 Mic: I got the ‘expensive' option. 2 mics and connectors to do interviews on the go for my phone, and it works for my webcam videos too!

$150 Desk: I use a sit/stand desk so that I can do video sitting or standing and its better for the body too đŸ™‚

$0 Recording Software: Free and Open Source! Whoohoo! Alos tons of How To videos on YouTube and an active forum for help.

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$0 Graphics: is free and presizes for social media which is huge. They update every time YouTube, Instagram, Pintrist, Facebook, etc change their image requirements. And if you are not a graphic artist, their free templates are beautiful!

$15 Transcripts: transcribes in minutes and is easy to edit and upload to YouTube and Facebook. You only pay for minutes you use and its only $15 per hour.

$12 Makeup: Yes, for men too! I hate makeup but you have to have it under lights our your skin looks sick. Guys, just go to ULTA or Walgreens even and tell them you need a light, liquid powder because you are going to be on camera and they will help you get the right color for your skin. It doesn't look like makeup and the lights reflect from it perfectly. Here's what I use:

PRICELESS!!! CTA: Call to Action! Always have somewhere else to send traffic to! There is no STOP in a professional funnel đŸ˜‰

TOTAL Studio Cost $397

Why priceless? Because 90% of language is body language so video allows us to communicate more effectively even long distance.

Social Media is SOCIAL, which is like meeting together at the local coffee shop. Video allows us to get that feeling of intimacy.

Content is KING! Always has been, always will be, which is why SEO is so important to build a lasting relationship with your tribe and Google – who owns the traffic.

In this current age, video has become equally important to build lasting relationships with your tribe and with Facebook and YouTube – who own the traffic.

If you want organic traffic, you pay for that by giving the owners of the traffic what they want – quality content that helps people, also with the video format that people love.

The search engines and social platforms make their money from ads so that eyeballs watching and consuming. You give them high, quality content that people love to consume, they'll make more money from their advertisers and therefore send you more eyeballs to consume your content.

It's a beautiful cycle, and it's all about sharing the WHY of your expertise to help people and then reaping the rewards together đŸ™‚

So, no more excuses! Go to right now and start your studio!

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