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Marketing 911

Everything in this post is written assuming that you have something to offer, that people want it, and that it's good.

(I know …you're probably like, “well …of course!”. But still – you can't be too careful these days.)

As Zig Ziglar always said, “If you give enough people what they want, you can have everything that you want!”

So, I'll bet that if you do these four things every day, you'll make as much as you want.

Here they are:

1. Build your audience.

You’ve gotta always be building your audience. Otherwise – there’s no one to see your offer!

An audience is different than “likes” or “fans” or any of that.

Your audience are actual people who actually PAY ATTENTION to what you're saying.

Used to be the only way to do this was to run from live conference to live conference.

Now it's different.

Of course speaking live is a good idea …but there's other, more leveraged, stuff too.

For example: Anyone who engages with one of your social posts is automatically added to your audience by Facebook (or Instagram etc.)

And the more they engage, the more of you, and your stuff, including your offers, they'll start seeing.

If you see me everywhere, for example, it's because you engaged with my stuff and FB/IG is like, “Well – I guess we should show 'em more!”

Plus, they start showing you to other people that are similar to the ones who are in your audience …without you even telling them to! (We call that word-of-mouth advertising and it’s still the best on the planet!)

If someone clicks on one of your posts (even if it's just them clicking the “read more” part), watches one of your videos, leaves a comment, hits the like button, or anything like that …BOOM. They're added to your audience.

Same thing applies to YouTube. Same thing applies to podcast episodes.

So – every day – do something that builds your audience.

[Golden Tip: If you want a quality audience, then give them quality stuff that they really want.]

Step 2: Make an offer.

Ummm …how's anybody gonna buy if you don't make them an offer?

I know it's basic, but did you make an offer today?

You can make offers through social posts, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, ads, emails …etc.

And as a general rule – the more offers you make, the more sales you'll make.

So just make an offer. At least once. Every day.

[Golden Tip: If you really want to fill your calendar fast, always leave a brief call to action at the very end at least. People are busy, especially A buyers, don’t make them hunt for how to contact you. Put it at the end of every post, so that when they are ready, they can find you instantly, before their phone buzzes with another crisis.]

Step 3: Build An Irresistible Offer.

Here's what I mean by “irresistible offer”.

Give them exactly what they want, in their own words, make it easy and take away all the risk.

In other words, give them what they want and make it a no brainer.

For example, how would you like to fill your calendar, automatically, in 7 days?

And if it doesn’t work for your business, you don’t pay a dime.

You’ll know in 32 seconds if it will work for your business and, if you are a good fit, a full conversation only takes 20 min.

Ready to reach your ideal clients? Text “booking” to 512-488-6226 or visit now!

You get it. Keep it simple, what they want and an easy yes.

[Golden Tip: What you create today can continue to work for you long into the future. The Internet is forever, the offers you put out still get traffic years later (happens to my clients all the time), so make them irresistible and make them often. That’s sowing the seeds of your future every day.]

And finally, there's the “secret” step that few people ever think about:

Step 4: Build Real Relationship

You’ll hear others call this “Goodwill” as a fancy way of saying “make your market like you more”.

And Goodwill is so important that it's actually given a dollar value when people sell their businesses.

But what it really is, is relationship.

And it makes sense, right?

If your market likes, knows and trusts you …they're way more likely to buy your stuff!

(I know …obvious. But still …)

Wanna know the best way to create relationship?

It's easy. Just HELP THEM!

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

The best way you can do that is to simply show them how to get what they want.

This post is a prime example.

It's showing you four simple things you can do every day that will help you get what you want: MORE MONEY…

By helping people get what they want.

And if you think that doing all four of these things every day is hard, think again!

Take this post for example.

It's already doing three of the four steps.

First, it's creating relationship because it's helping you by giving you the real goods that I really use for myself and my clients every day.

Second, it's an offer that I’d love you to share because it helps people. I can use it again. I could even use it as an email. Or I could say the same words on camera and turn it into a video.

Third, it’s building my audience because people will engage with me through it.

If I wanted to make it perfect, I’d leave my offer at the end, easy to find, for when you want to reach out between calls. Like this:
If you want me to show you behind the curtain of the AI tech that fills my and my clients’ calendars, Text “booking” to 512-488-6226 or visit now 😉

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