The Truth About Booking Leads on Social Media with AI

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Most small business owners are told that AI is too new and just a gimmick… but they’re probably just saying that because they don’t know how social media insiders have been using it for years.

Here’s the truth about social media lead generation with AI:

According to companies like HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, Litmus, Statistia, and dozens of other HUGE companies that spend a fortune on research, AUTOMATION YIELD HUGE RETURNS.

For example – Social media advertising increases appointment bookings by an average of 23%. (Source: Statista)

According to a study by Gartner, 37% of organizations have implemented AI in some form. With the ability to answer customer queries 24/7, these tools have proven invaluable for lead generation and customer service, thus automating the process of converting prospects into customers.

Microsoft's report states that 90% of consumers expect an organization to offer self-service customer support.

Also, using AI with social media is currently the NUMBER ONE needle mover for business’ engagement.


According to a study by Salesforce, businesses using AI for social media advertising have seen a 186% increase in their engagement rate (Salesforce).

But the kicker is this:

AI can save businesses up to 30% in customer support cost and can help businesses to increase sales by up to 67% (Reported by Business Insider) which more than doubles their business.

But the challenge with using AI with social media is this:

How do you set up it up quickly, with no risk, and what do you say?
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