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My good friend Kim just sold some of her fabulous beads off her website

Now Kim's a savvy gal and posts her beads as she always has on Facebook and eBay and Etsy, but now she sends them to her new site and keeps that extra profit cutting out the middle person.

Yesterday she sold her first bead on her site!  We did a happy dance!

And then I asked her where the person had come from.  She had no idea!  With all the posting she's been doing, she doesn't know without asking the customer. She needs link tracking!

So I shot this video to show her how to track those links that she is putting everywhere so that she knows where people are looking and where they are buying…then we'll buy ad space!  Yah!

Are you ready to target your buyers too? Watch the video and find out how to configure link tracking for FREE!

How to configure link tracking

To Your Success my Friend!


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