What should I talk about?

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If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that question!  And the answer is simple…ASK YOUR TRIBE what they want to talk about!

I recently signed up for Mary Morrissey's Double Your Income webinar and the Thank You page includes a very simple question…


Like all great coaches, Mary always checks to see what we need to talk about and keeps it fresh.  Notice that we use our Facebook profiles to comment, so that ties in the Social Media and viral component as well.

Mary doesn't have to wonder what to talk about.  She simply asks and we tell her!

So what if you don't have several thousand or even hundred followers?  Ask those you do have. They are your peeps and the more you serve them, the more like minded people you will attract to come join you so you can all work together.

And if you are still drawing a total blank, quote from your mentors.  There are many days when Mary says something that I know that we all need to hear, so I quote her (and give her credit) and put her words in quotes and my commentary around it.

You have a voice. Use it! and we will come 🙂

Namaste My Friends!

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