What to look for when Hiring on Fiverr

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You'll hear a lot of us online folks outsourcing to Fiverr.com these days and I've been getting questions on what I look for when hiring there.


Notice the Top Seller seal the rating over 95% and the length of time with Fiverr.  Now if the rest is high and they've only been with Fiverr a few months, I'll still give them a try.

The higher the ratings, usually the better the work and the slower the turnaround (because everyone else wants higher-rated too and they get more gigs).

If you are on a tight turnaround, expect to pay bonuses to get it done faster and/or go with someone just starting out who may be just as good, but doesn't have the ratings yet.

Hiring on Fiverr

And ALWAYS reward their efforts with great and accurate feedback!  Leaving feedback is part of paying them so that they will have more biz and then still be there with you need them again!

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