Why don’t people respond to my emails?

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I see this question a lot! And the answer is in 2 parts.

1. People respond to your emails in many ways that you may not be realizing.

When they open and email, that's a response. When they click an email, that's a stronger response. When they hit reply that's a strong response.

All of these are responses and desirable.

If they are opening then you have grabbed their attention and you are doing something right! Keep doing it!

If they are clicking on the links in your emails, then you are engaging their interest and they want to know more.

Keep giving them more on those topics and start making offers based on that interest!

2. However, offers and sales are closed on websites and apps NOT emails.

If you are making offers in your emails and saying “I'm not getting response,” that's because no one buys from an email and that's not emails' job. Your emails' job is to start the conversation, get them to open, get them to click and then they buy on the website/app.

If you are sending your sales materials via email and expecting to close a sale, that's why you are getting ‘no response.' I know you think that you are trying to get all the information to them while you've got them, but that's not how email works.

People sort thru their email to see where they are going to spend their time, to say not it and archive what they are not interested in and then click on and engage what they are interested in. So your email needs to catch their eye (opens) then catch their interest with a teaser to get the click, then you can tell them all about it and close the sale on your website/app where they actually make purchases and are in the mode/have the time to do so.


Most often, if you are ‘getting no response,' you are likely trying to get your email to do too much and are therefore losing them.

Effective emails guide readers to your website or app to complete the sale. Focus on capturing attention and sparking interest, and let your site do the heavy lifting for conversions.

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