monarch-butterfly-chrysalisDid you know that in the process of transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly, the creature actually dissolves in the caccon?

She becomes soup with only a few cells left that tell that soup how to recombine into a butterfly.

I don't know about you, but this gives me huge hope in my transformational process.

There are times it feels like the world is melting around me and I'm dissolving into a puddle of goo and I think, “How can I feel like this when I am clearly moving forward, when things are clearly looking up?”

Now I know that it's another sign that I am on the right track. The old world, the old circumstances and conditions must dissolve.

The essential me is all that is left and she holds the vision of the next phase and that life arises from the disolved soup of my life.

Does the butterfly feel fear turning into soup? I know that I feel fear, but it is the fear of the old conditioned response, not of my future.

I see it, I feel it, I know it. My future is so bright I've got to wear shades! But first I become Butterfly Soup, knowing that this is part of the process and another great sign I'm on the right track!