BlazingLightNetNow I get to my Core that Success= Getting What I Want, but what is the Cause that triggers Success?

pg 127 The Cause of Success = Conscious Power in Action

I know that I can do it, that's the Conscious Power.
Now I'll take any step towards doing it, Action.

I taught my daughter from the very beginning,
We don't say “I can't do it.”
We say, “How can I do it?”

Now I see why that is so powerful. The question assumes not only that there is an answer, but asking the question acknowledges that I have the power to make it happen!

That Conscious Power put into action activates the Universe or God to actively seek and activate the How for me.

Mary Morrissey has said over and over that the currency of the Universe is ideas and this is why – The Idea is the HOW!

The Question, “How Can I do it?” is the conscious power, knowing that I can, put into seeking action and the Universe responds with the idea.

The preacher on the roof of the house during the flood didn't need the boat or helicopter to save him. St Peter didn't need to ask why he didn't get on the boat.

St Peter probably asked, “Why didn't you tear off the section of the roof and make a raft like that vision in your head?”

I don't know about you, but my heart is pounding so hard and pumping so much blood around my body I can barely sit still.