home_slide_nwp_01aIt takes no more energy to dream a big dream, than it does to think tiny ideas. Mary Morrissey

I find this so true. It takes me the same amount of time to visualize and flesh out a small dream, like going to Galveston, as a big on, like going to Bora Bora, so why not put my energy into the big dream?

When I start brainstorming, I find that my dreams start big ideas, then small ones from my comfort zone and then they grow out even bigger than the first idea.

That's because at first I'll throw out a big dream I've though about before – Eating my Way around the Meditaranian or Homeschooling around the world.

Then I'll be out of ideas and come back closer in – Designing our Art Car, Chosing a New Artist Community to get to know.

Because I'm visioning and researching, I'll stumble onto things I didn't even know existed before. I'll hear things around and people will suggest things they heard.

And now my vision not only gets bigger, it has more detail and life – Like putting together a VRBO tour where I rent houses from locals and Kira and I plan a world tour.

It takes no more energy to go big, so go big, and it the process you will find even better than you dreamed.