ConditionedMaskMy accountability partner and I were talking this week and I was mentioning my commitment to act on my Instincts when it hit me…

I don't always trust my instincts because sometimes my Conditioned Response masquerades AS instincts.

You know how I've been stressing that your instant response is key to listen to.  That's because the almost-instant response that follows is often the conditioned response trying to correct the instinct.

And the slippery devil knows just how to bring that feeling of certainty, that heightened reaction and pounding heart of a Eureka moment too.  But I caught it red handed when I went from excitement to agonizing back and forth on what I should really do.

I had learned that that back and forth, on the fence thing was a flag to keep me from making a mistake, but I've caught my conditioned mind often doing that to keep me from the instinctive action that would move me forward.

Do I fall on my face from time to time when instinct doesn't take me where I expected? Of course!  But I vastly more often end up with a party and connections far more fun than that masquerade my Conditioned mind tried to take me on. lol

Where do you feel yourself sitting on the fence?  Rip off that mask and take action instead 🙂