come-out-to-playEver since 7th grade, I've written children's books. The first one “My Potato has Eyes,” I wrote and illustrated on the back of a memo pad. Most of them I lost through the years. Obviously I never published them, but even though they never became my focus, they keep bubbling out of me! lol

Now my daughter and I have started to write them together and with the miracle of Kindle self publishing, we are publishing our books!

You know that desire that keeps boomeranging back to you? That dream that seems to emerge again and again? That true desire that never quite goes away?

That is your true self poking you saying, “I'm here! Let's play!”

Next time it knocks, take a recess and go out to play with that Desire for 15min. Give yourself 15min to play with your true calling. Not only will your heart sing, but you'll start seeing ways to spend more and more time going out to play 🙂

How are you going to spend your 15min recess today? Share it below!

We're going to choose an illustrator for our tongue twisters book 🙂