deja_vu-scaled1000You know that feeling of deja vu, like you've been here and done that before? Well you have!

All time is connected and we feel that. Some experience it more than others because we have practised more and people say we have finely honed instincts.

Some of those instincts come from experience from the past, but some of that comes from remembering the future. We've already been there and done that and we know how it turns out. Our intuitive feelings help us tune in on the experience so we can make adjustments in the Now.

To some this sounds crazy, but if you are reading this I just want to say, Trust Your Instincts. You are remembering something important and sending yourself the memory of the experience. Listening can make all the difference.

What if you can't tell the difference between your instincts and your fear? Fear is really good at dressing itself up as instincts!

Then let your feelings be your guide. If the feeling is like being in a straight jacket, hemmed in on all sides and you notice you are taking shorter, shallower breaths, then that is fear talking.

If the memory of what to do, the instinct, gives you a feeling of expansion, like you can breathe deeper, then it is coming from your eternal nature and it is time to act swiftly on that feeling.

I can tell when I start dithering and saying I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm a hamster on a squeaky wheel going round and round. That's when I know its the fear talking.

And I can hear that squeaky wheel or feel that deepening of breath best when talking to my accountability partner or mentor. I can't dismiss those feelings in their presence. So I highly recommend getting out there and talking to someone a little further along the path than you 🙂