O2jMp_7FcTSWwnmj6WYzitFvweXaSxBgCJ3-v_x1wv53yh_5Co9-_leEVWW0qVaDAQ=s2000Whenever I am feeling Not So Fresh, I hit my Reset Song – Zippity Do Da!

Like Mary Morrissey says, “To use the radio as a metaphor, you can tune in to a station that represents a particular line of thought and feeling. You can switch the station and experience a dramatic shift in the programming.

You can do the same thing in your mind! If you don’t like the frequency you are on, it’s time to switch stations. When you continually tune in to success and your desires you begin to stabilize a new frequency.

Bearing this metaphor in mind, if you can really stabilize the frequency of your desired good in your feeling state as well as your mental state, you become magnetic to all that resonates with the frequency you are on. Manifestation actually speeds up when you stabilize your frequency.”

My Reset Song keys strongly into my primary goal – Be Happy NOW! It carries the frequency of my Happy and whenever I am not happy, I stop, take a deep breath and sing the song that carries back into and up to my chosen frequency…