118Because no one listens! And then they blame the person that told them they were walking right into Mordor!
But there is a difference between giving advice and being a Steel Wall for Transformation.
Giving advice says, this is what I see, I've been there, I've done that, This is where you are going, I think you should xyz.
A Steel Wall is where you stand in your power and speak your truth. A Steel Wall says, you asked for my help, now I'm going to hold you to your transformation. This is what it takes to transform and it is time to do it.
I've felt a big shift since I've become a Steel Wall for Transformation. I stand in my power and speak my truth more. I'm not willing to allow my clients to keep doing what they have been and keep getting the same results. When they slip back into the old thinking, I shine the light of truth on it immeadiately and we get straight back onto the path of transformation.
And now that I'm a Steel Wall for their transformation, I'm one for myself as well. Standing in my power and truth means that I too am not willing to follow the same old patterns. I too challenge myself and my choices and hold them up to the light of truth and see if they stand up to who I choose to be.
I'm a Steel Wall for Transformation – theirs and mine – and that has made all the difference.