Does hard work REALLY equal success?

Aug 15, 2013 | Dream Building

community_gardens-286x190It's a loaded question isn't it?

I'm a true American mutt. That means that I have ancestors that fought in the Civil War and a great grandmother who came over as an orphan from Germany. There is even a bit of Native American in my blood a couple generations back and a treasured full blooded Native American cousin in the family now.

But no matter where my blood is from, there is a culture that permeates America from our founders – the Puritain Work Ethic.

From them we get, “Idle hands are the Devil's Playground.” And I have truly believed in my bones, in my muscle and in my core that Work Triggers Success.

Despite being shown time and again that Happy Cooincidence of bumping into someone led to the connection that made a venture of mine take off, I still believed it.

There is a danger in not believing it after all. What if you just quit and do nothing and starve to death?

But perhaps there is a nuance, between Leaving it All to God and Work Till You Drop, that triggers success.

Perhaps Inspired Action practiced over time is what brings success to our door like an old friend.

Perhaps staying centered and listening to the voice of inspiration and acting on that voice brings those happy cooincidences.

Perhaps, instead of Work = Success, Consistent Inspired Action = Success.

Wallace Wattles says that if every thought and action is successful, the outcome must be success.

That means that my meditation time first and last to bookend my day is success too, because that action allows me to hear the voice of inspiration.

That means eating regular, healthy meals and excercising leads to success because that action gives me the energy to act.

That means that calling my Partners in Believing leads to success because they help me hold my inspired vision.

And yes, as long as I am following Inspired Action, my consistant hard work also leads to success and joy – but it doesn't do it alone.

So what are you thinking? What Inspired Actions came to your mind for you in this time with me?

whether big or small, its time to take those actions consistently, for those inspired actions that just flitted across your imagination are the triggers to your success…

And they were there all the time!



For more inspiration, see my book, "Igniting Dreams"

How 52 Weeks of Inspiration and Action Can Lead You to Your Dreams

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