Have you ever found yourself looking in the mirror of the bathroom AFTER a major networking breakfast and realizing that your shirt is on inside out!

This morning I kept wondering why my shirt didn't pop as much as usual, why the colors looked a little dull under the blazer, but it was an hour earlier than I'm usually dressing, so I blamed it on the lack of light.

Well it was the lack of light and my shirt was dull because it was inside out!  No one seemed to notice. I guess I'll find out when I see if anyone returns my calls. lol

So what's the message today? Don't Dress in the dark!  It's not a good way to pick you clothes or your future.

When we are in a big transitional time, often one step ahead is all we can see and we feel like we are creating in the dark, but the end result, what you want that future to be should be so bright that it never loses focus.

And so mine is. And so I hope that those wonderful gals today associate my odd seams with my love of art and artists. And I know that my vision of the future is so strong that it transcends dressing in the dark.

Love and Peace!