winning-dogStarve your fear and feed your Dreams!

One day a young man was about to face an important rite of passage and he just couldn't sleep or eat due to the fear. He went to his grandfather and asked what to do.

“Grandfather. I know I have to do this, but it is like there are 2 dogs in me fighting. One says I can do it and the other says I'm going to fail. I can't eat, I can't sleep. How can I get thru this?”

“Grandson. I know you can do this because you have 2 dogs in you and the one you feed is the one that will win. I know that you can do this because you are going to feed your dream and not your fear.”

So the young man started imagining what life would look like on the other side of the challenge. He thought about how proud he would be to succeed. How much he would enjoy the challenge and then looking forward to the next challenge beyond this one and how happy he would feel.

He fed his dream and the fear diminshed. He fed his dream and the dream won!

What are you feeding today?