If something seems like it is missing from your life, it’s very easy to believe that picture.  If you long for a better job, or a husband, or better health, it’s easy to perceive lack.

But right where there is the appearance of lack, there is also abundance.  What matters is where you place your attention.

Are you being grateful for the beautiful sunlight warming your skin?  Are you appreciating the love you do feel in your life, even if it isn’t from a significant other?  Are you appreciating that you just ate a delicious meal, even if you would like more money in the bank?


If you can shift your perception, and anchor your mind in the abundance that is a lways right here, then you can re-pattern your thinking.  Why is this so key?

When you recognize abundance everywhere and align with it, you invite more abundance into your visible experience.

Gratitude is the great multiplier – It invokes the Law of Increase.

Have fun with this, because it IS fun!

Mary Morrissey