IMG_3438I'm pulling Success over me like a Blankie until I GET IT thru and thru – Liz Hester 🙂
Fast on the heels of making mistakes this weekend, my conditioned mind tried to take over by asking me first thing this morning – What am I going to Mess Up Today!? lol
Ok, I wasn't laughing. I was annoyed! I thought we'd covered this mind!
So I reached for my Journal and
wrote – This morning I choose to reach for Can and Success – It's a habit! I can succeed. I am succeeding. I am FULL of the Power of Success!

There is more evidence of success in my life than other. I am Getting What I Want. Keep Swimming!
I pulled this thought over me and clung to it like a Blankie.
My daughter cherishes her white blanket because it has all the love of her mother and grandmother that went into making it. It has all her hopes and dreams and comfort. She holds it close in times of distress and knows that she is loved and that the distress will end and she is still loved. She knows that mom (and her white blanket) will always be there, the pain will pass and the love never ends.
So today I transformed my Knowledge and assurance of success to me like a blankie, knowing that the conditioned mind will pass and my Love and Success never ends 🙂
where's your Blankie 😉