Ideas are like slippery fish!

Jun 19, 2013 | Dream Building

got away_4ab29906a9d8fIdeas are like slippery fish! Earl Nightengale
There! One just slipped away, didn't it!
I've said again and again that your instant response to a question is your true answer. It even says it in the signature in my email:
What one thing am I not doing, that if I did do would vastly improve my life six months from now? Your instant thought was the answer! Rock on!
And your conditioned mind can make those answers very slippery so they become the fish that got away.
I keep a little notepad on me to catch those delicious, slippery morsels. They even made this handy flat space on my steering wheel of the car just the right size for my notepad (at stop lights only of course 😉
And the cool thing about becoming a fisher of ideas… the more you write down, the easier it is to catch them. The longer they stay before they slip away. And the more fishy friends they bring to your table.



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