SeeInYou“95% of the time, your clear path forward is right in front of you. And even when 
someone else shows it to you, you doubt or hesitate. 

While in this program, put aside your doubts and concerns. Open up a space of trust and intuition. Go with what feels right.” Max Simon

I'm taking an incredible course by Max to take me to the next level and this message came to my Inbox from him this morning and I got to thinking about that invaluable space to test yourself.

When we are children we rush headlong into whatever idea comes into our head.  We don't have the history or experience to tell if that idea will really take us where we want to go…

but do we?  Society teaches us that we have to learn a good idea from a bad idea and that's just wrong!  Every step we have taken has led us to become the person we are today and the person we are becoming.

What if we had never gotten an idea into our head and tried it?  Where would we be?  Oh, with the other millions sitting on their couch with sit-coms all night.

We are the Champions my friend, and we'll keep on ACTING and MOVING till the end!

I had no idea where this post was going to take me, but I felt led to share that space Max evoked with you and that led me to rethinking “good” and “bad” actions and that led me to realizing that yes, I do invite those intuitive leaps into my life – wherever they take me!

We are the Champions my friend.
Open up a space of trust and intuition,
Listen to yourself and make that leap.

Namaste my friends,