perfect-dayI woke up on my own this morning, rested and refreshed like I said I would in my Journal last night and what was the first thing I did? I reached out to see why I should be afraid!

Shoot! I thought I had licked that, but here I get a chance to choose Joy and Gratitude instead of Fear and Dispare today.

So I pulled over my Journal and started writing! Instead of playing worse case, I chose to play Mary Morrissey's What If the BEST should happen? What IF all my dreams come true?

Granted, I had reached for fear to start the day, so What IF Best Case is a little harder to feel in my heart, so I started with baby steps.

Today I choose a day to reach for Gratitude for what I have and what I'm going to have. I don't have it in me to make the shift for all time today. But I can give myself the space to make the shift for ONE DAY.

For ONE DAY, THIS DAY, I am giving myself the space to live in Gratitude, Joy and Hope.

When I stop to think about what comes next, today I'm reaching for Gratitude. What can I be grateful for next? What step can I take into gratitude.

I can already tell you that I'm into this day and I'm doing the same errands and paperwork that has to be done, but I'm doing it knowing that the repairing that had to be done today, I'm doing in gratitude and joy. So I know that what I'm doing is making things better. What I'm doing is in gratitude, so it is bringing more to be grateful for.

And now I'm standing in my power again, for my power comes from Joy and Gratitude 🙂

Where is your power? Can you make the space to stand in it for just one day?