Mchristmas2012This morning I was thinking how forgiveness is one of the most interesting challenges we set for ourselves in this game of life.

I scrolled thru my phone contacts last night and I could tell from my gut reactions to the names and faces, where I still had to forgive.

And not forgive them, forgive me for not being perfect, forgive me for not acting and speaking from compassion sometimes and forgive me for not understanding that they were giving me an opportunity to learn – an opportunity that I was asking for!

I'm not saying that some people don't have their own growing work to do.  I am saying that I am 100% responsible for my own experience of this life.

And by looking at their faces, feeling that clinching in my gut, I have the opportunity to look again and see where I was out of alignment from my core.

Mary Morrissey says that we are on a spiral path and we'll come up against the same lesson again and again on our way up, but each time we have the opportunity to look at it differently and create a new experience.

Today I stand with Jimmy, It's my own damn fault, and this time I'm playing 100% and that makes all the difference.

Namaste my friend,