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It is time for you to have it!
A little while ago I set a rather abitious goal of conneting with a top person in my field. I felt a little nervous in stepping outside my comfort zone, but then my Accountability Partner pointed out,
Because you made that goal, Just the fact that you made it, means that it is already on its way!
Or, as Mary Morrissey puts it, “No desire is felt until the supply is ready to appear. That is the truth.
The minute you have a desire, it is immediately in the Law of Mind, in the Law of Receiving.
The supply exists at a level that you are not aware of, but when you embrace your desire and expect its fulfillment, you draw it to you.”
That blows my mind actually. All I have to do is to truly desire it and that means it is already on the way!
And, in fact, I did connect personally with this top person and even did a joint venture with them.
The conditioned mind would seem to say that desires are bad, but that is because the conditioned mind doesn't want to stretch beyond its comfort zone.
To me it is reassuring that the very Focuessed Desire means that the stretching I desire is already on the way 🙂