croca HUGE 1 ton crocodile!  Thank god it was in my dreams!

I still woke up covered in sweat with a pounding heart.  And in my half sleeping state I knew that the crocodile wasn't from the outside. That terrifying croc is my own fears overtaking me, and I flirted with with that croc. I got it chasing me and let it chase me to kingdom come.

You see, that's what's going on with part of me inside, while on the outside everything is moving forward lightning speed – up, up and away to success.

What gives?!

My accountability partner put it to me so beautifully this morning.  He said that he's never heard someone going thru comfort zone growing pains so healthily. lol

We've heard time and time again that fear means you are on the right track.  It says it on my Vision Board – I'm committed to stretching my Comfort Zone – Fear means you are!

He said that hearing about my fear is so encouraging to him because it means that I'm on the right track, that I'm doing things differently this time and I'm growing.

And because I'm committed to massive growth, I've got this massive croc on my ass!  Tick tock Tick tock.

This croc might be big and bumpy, but its me and because it is me I can embrace the slimy beast and say Let's Do This Together.

Am I still scared?  I'm shaking so much its hard to type at times. The screen blurs thru the tears.  But I'm still here and still kickin…

And that's what makes the difference.  So excuse me while I go earn some more stretch marks 😉