lucille-ball_1680105cOne day a great lady was having a series of bad days and she said to herself, What action can I take to change my day?
Now these were not just ‘bad days.' Her sister had died. Her husband was in a car wreck. And all those seemingly little things that pile up in between.
So she said, Let's put a ZIP in the day!
Every day she did one thing that put a ZIP in her day. One day she ate her sandwich on the good china. Another day she baked a pie. One day she dressed up in her Sunday Best to go to the post office. Using a pen with purple ink instead of black.
And each day she had something fun to look forward to. A positive challenge to offset the negative.
And each day seemed brighter with more ZIP.
Yesterday I spent the day ramping up for a major event that I'm very excited about. I love presenting 🙂 But I spent the whole day on the computer and pouring my heart and soul into that presentation.
Later I went to help an artist make their dream come alive online so that she can brighten the lives of more people!
And after that appointment, I felt so tired. I thought, I just sat down all day! How am I tired?!
And I remembered that savvy woman! (Mary Morrissey's Mom!)
It was time to put a ZIP in my day! So when I got home, I grabbed my skates and Kira and I went for a skate around the block 🙂
We had a great time and everything changed. My world got bright again and I couldn't wait to help Kira with her homework and art.
It was so fun that I had to share it with you. lol
Do you have any ideas on how we can put a ZIP in our day?