$500! Yup. He said some 16 year old punk was trying to take over his territory and so he whipped out the Gold Card and took his ass out! – his words not mine. lol

What if every time his territory was threatened, I got a piece of that action?

What if every time I spent money in Dragonvale, Rebecca got a piece of the action?

After all, my friend Rebecca got me hooked on those cute dragons, shouldn't she get something for getting a new paying customer?

Well, my friend, some of us think that we should all get a piece of the action for spreading the word.  We are doing the work and there are Hundreds of Millions being spent in those apps – plenty for all!

Welcome to the Digital Renaissance.

It's time to get PAID for all that free advertising you've been doing!

The movement is still grassroots and invitation only, so if you want in, shoot me a private message and I'll see about getting you an invite asap!

Soon, when you and your friends and their friends recommend an app, it will be to everyone's benefit!

This is the Golden Age and together we are going to bring it in my friend!