1340745468183885192Dancing Rabbit.svg.medI'm on the eve of a new major project, one that will make a good and lasting impact on my part of the world. A project that says, this is who I am – Let's go do it – Let's change our city!
And its scary, not because I could fail, but because I know we can and will do it. But part of me wants to crawl back into my Comfort Zone. Sure its cramped, but its familiar too!
So this morning I heard the voice of Bob Proctor in my head, “Reduce it to the Rediculous!”
Every project, major or minor, is a series of steps. Break the project down to the steps and everything becomes managable and less scary.
The sum of the parts is greatness, but the baby steps that get me there I know well.
So this morning I hold the end vision in mind, but I'm Reducing the steps to the Rediculous and I know that Step by Step – together – we will change the world!