keep_calm_and_get_your_sanity_on_poster-rccb4fbd65fae453dbf892e1d9513944b_wfb_8byvr_512The practice that saves my business and my sanity – 1.Mind Dump, 2.Action Steps 3.Calendarize! 4.Gratitude!!!

1. Mind Dump – When I feel overwhelmed, that means I've got too much in my head. I take 20 min and dump everything out on paper. I just write and let it all come out where I can see it.

2. Action Steps – Now I put Action Steps to what I've got down and Prioritize the order I want to get things done.

3. Calendarize – CRITICAL – It has to go down on a date on the calendar for my mind to let it go and have the freedom and space to think. This is the step soooooooo many miss!

4. Gratitude! I gives thanks that I have so many wonderful projects to work on, so many wonderful people to help and all the time needed to accomplish it all!

What are the Routines that save your bacon? Please share below! I/we need all the help we can get!!!