planetary-alignment-oct-13-2010-200My friends and colleagues tease me about the word “Decide.” They call and say, “Oh, its going to be so hard to do this project! There is this and this and this going on…”

And I say wait. Let's take a moment and decide this project is what we want to do.

I take a deep breath and feel with my whole self. My conscious, subconscious and higher self all come into alignment and we Decide. Then I tell them, okay, let's roll, I've decided. And, I kid you not, with the next phone call or email, everything falls into place.

It took me a while to realize that “Decide” means that my full self is aligned behind the action. My friends still tease me a bit, but when they call, they know the power of what I'll ask. “Well, have you decided for that dream?”

Isn't it time to Decide for your dream? Share your decision with us below!