Remember that feeling when something was just off about that stranger? When you were a child, you didn't question why. You trusted your instincts and got the heck out of there till you figured out what was going on.stranger danger logo

Its not different now. Your feelings are your early warning system whether that person or decision is aligned with your greatest good. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to listen.

One of the most amazing gifts mediation has given me is trust in myself. When we are growing up, it is common for well meaning people to tell you their way is the right way, you are too young to understand. I taught Kira about manners. I also taught her to trust her instincts.

We are also taught to shut off our awareness of our body sensations. Do you feel cold or hot or hungry? Do you feel anxious or happy or uneasy? Just ignore it. It will go away! lol

These feelings are our early indicators that we are at a decision point, we are out of our comfort zone, we are on our green edges of growth. Do we want to continue?

Remember the wisdom of your child – Stranger Danger! And listen. You CAN trust your intuition. Then you can choose. What are you choosing today? Share it with me below!