AntidoteOne day my daughter Kira and I were playing/creating a new children's book and I was feeling so hurried and cramped for time. This was one of our special times together and I didn't want to feel time-starved, I wanted to enjoy the moment fully.

Then I remembered… the antidote for Lack is Giving! Wherever you feel lack, if you give in that area, you will receive more in kind.

I'd proven this again and again with Tithing my money, could it work for time? So I took a deep breath and started volunteering at my local library, a community we love. At first I seemed even more time starved, but then I started seeing time return.

You see, as I had to set aside the time to volunteer, I learned to create appropriate boundaries. Learning to set aside the time for the Library, without wondering all the while how I'd get everything done, taught me to do the same for my family and business. I'd read all the books on time management, but until I started giving of my time, I didn't really understand how to honor and budget that time.

In giving my time, did I receive more hours in the day? No. I learned how to effectively use those hours and honor the work, play and rest I was doing in each and every one of them. And that has made all the difference!

Where are you feeling starved? How can you give there so that you too may receive? Share it with me below!