Einstein was once asked, “If you had 1 hour to solve a life or death problem, what would you do?”

He thought for a moment then answered, “I'd spend 55 minutes formulating the question, because once I formulated the proper question, it would only take me 5 minutes to arrive at the answer.”

The right question makes all the difference and opens a realm of solutions. I taught my daughter from the beginning, we don't say “I can't do it,” we ask “How can I do it, even if that means asking for help!”

I've since learned that an even better question begins with “What.” We don't always know How and we can get so stuck on the Hows that we never get started.

Now I ask, “If I believed that this could happen, what would I do?” And then I take a step, no matter how small or big, I step from the belief into the action of the person that makes things happen.

What would you do today if you were a person who believed your dream is coming true?