Capture-d’écran-2011-01-14-à-10.53.20in the NOW!
If you are holding on to the Past, or looking to the Future, you cannot relax. The only place you can relax is in this moment.
Let me share a technique I learned from Max Simon:
1. Take a deep breath and let it go
2. Take 3 deep, rapid breaths in and out thru your nose
3. Take another deep breath and hold it… until you panic and a little beyond
Relax your shoulders as you hold and feel into it
4. Release your breath consciously and then just pay attention to your breath, coming in and out normally
Did you feel that?
You snapped instantly into the NOW
And Here, you can relax
Let it all go and Breathe for a bit
“Everything is here and now. Just feel your forehead relax and your shoulders let go. You don’t have to carry the weight of anything today.
I’d like to invite you to walk in a peace that supports you and reminds you that you’re never alone. You are always companion-ed.
You are always guided. You can trust this. You can let go into the here and now. Mary Morrissey”
Do this at least twice a day and you will see wonderful things just appear in your life!
They were always there, but you weren't in the NOW to receive them 😉