a mule whose farmer thought its usefulness how outlived its subborness!

So the farmer took it out to the back of the farm where there was a big hole they had been filling full of manure. It was a new hole and deep, so the farmer shoved the mule whose time had come into the hole and started shoveling in the manure to bury it.

But that mule had not outlived its stubborness and every time the farmer put another shovel full of manure onto her, she shook it off and stood up on that next layer until she was high enough to step out of the hole.

As she kicked up her heels and took of joyfully into the sunset, the farmer thought, If that mule can get out of THAT hole, let her have her own life!

We know we must do what we can with what we have, but when the shit is shoveling in around us, it doesn't feel like we have much to work with.

Thanks to the true stubbornness of this mule, I can see how even the shit of our lives can dig us out of the hole!