Yes it was a financial slap, yes Kira cried and cried scared that we wouldn't get our car back. Yes I wondered why on earth I wanted to manifest missing seeing the parking meter and getting my car towed as a result.
It was also an opportunity to choose a positive response in the face of what would have devistated me emotionally and financially in the past.
It was an opportunity to choose to know that I made a mistake – and that doesn't mean that I'm a failure, slacker or bad mom!
I failed to follow thru on the Parking Process – and how I do one thing is how I do everything – so its time to look at what else I'm not completing and close the loop.
I also let Kira cry it out and did not try to short circuit her cleansing by telling her not to cry. Instead we talked out what she was afraid would happen and what would actually happen – and you know, it did! It wasn't as bad as she thought.
And it when that – Oh shit, the world is going to end! – feeling reared its head, I was able to look at it, acknowledge it and CHOOSE my response. That feeling was my old conditioning, but I choose to feel energized because the mistake was big enough to illuminate what needs work and to validate that I'm growing!