eat-glassDo you ever get so frustrated that it feels like its time to chew glass?
I have no idea why that would be cathartic, but its the image that comes to mind as I sit here grinding my teeth. lol
Ever notice that when some things are going so well, other things seem to flare up in the other direction?
I don't think that they are really flaring up. I think that we've been that frog, slowing boiling in the pot as the temperature is slowly raising, but we don't even notice our goose is cooked.
Then something really good happens and we look around and wonder where this big black pot came from!
So today I looked around and saw the big black pot.
Its not that I haven't woken up and seen it there before, its that before I saw it, decided I didn't have the power to move the pot and decided, for my sanity, to forget it again?
Perhaps not.
Because I never completely forgot the pot was there, I just had myself in a place that I had given away so much of my power that I could not hop out of the pot.
So I got to work bailing out the water and preparing for a life without the pot.
I also got to work learning why I landed in that pot, why I had chosen to be there and return there over and over and what I was going to choose so that pot (or one like it) was no longer part of my life.
We are so hard on ourselves, expecting things to change in an instant – and sometimes they do.
But mostly, an entrenched pattern got us to where we are, and if we want to change that pattern, it is going to take time and love.
So instead of chewing glass today, I decided to think on the lesson of the pot and choose the reality I am transitioning to.

Namaste my friend